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5 factors to consider when choosing an eCommerce web hosting service
The eCommerce web hosting service is an ideal solution for eCommerce website. E-commerce pages have completely different needs than those of a conventional website or blog. A good part of them uses very popular eCommerce platforms, which require more specific features and functions. For this reason, today we want to talk about the 5 factors you should consider when choosing an eCommerce web hosting service.

1. High speed ​​and availability

Loading times in an online store is an important aspect. It is known that nearly 50% of shoppers waiting for a page to load. 40% of them, will leave the site if it takes a long time to display. Therefore, the chosen eCommerce Hosting must guarantee an adequate speed for the operation of an e-commerce platform.
If you have an online store that generates one hundred thousand euros a day, even the delay of 1 second in the availability of the site can mean losses of thousands of euros, something that in such a competitive market simply cannot be allowed.
When it comes to getting the store to load fast, the web design must be done as correctly as possible. But also the hosting has a lot to say since a correct configuration of the server that adapts to the CMS that the store uses is fundamental to improve the performance significantly. And let's not forget that the loading speed of a website is an SEO factor that is becoming increasingly important….

2. Datacenter

If you are going to sell in the US then your data center must be hosted in the US. This is essential since it improves the download times of the content to your customers (the information does not have to travel long distances from a possible hosting in the US) and it is also another factor that also helps in SEO. If you sell in the US you have to have an American IP because Google also values ​​it positively.

3. Security

E-commerce sites are designed to be able to receive payments from customers who buy their products. This means that financial information and personal data that should not be vulnerable should be processed. Therefore, the chosen Hosting must offer private SSL to increase the security and trust of customers. Protecting credit card information, as well as logins and passwords, even offering two-factor authentication, are undoubtedly aspects that every trading platform should offer to its customers.

4. Support

That your hosting company gives you quality support is something totally necessary. But if you want to go further, you don't have to simply look for timely support for problems, but you need the hosting to be your technology partner. Today many hostings are experts in the installation, configuration, and optimization. In short, they can provide a comprehensive solution to all your business needs.

5. Mobile platform

It is known that a large number of people are accessing the Internet through their mobile devices such as Tablets or Smartphones, even many of them make purchases. Therefore, a good eCommerce Hosting provider must offer personalized support to adapt and optimize your mobile website. This trend is unstoppable so that in the future most of your customers will navigate with the mobile or tablet and your website has to be prepared to provide a quality service. Or do you want to lose all that business?

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