Top 8 best beaches in Southeast Asia in 2019

Southeast Asia is famous for having many beautiful places in the world. And one of the paradises that visitors cannot ignore when mentioning this place is the beautiful, romantic and pristine beaches. Let's explore the top best beaches in Southeast Asia in 2019 in any place!

Koh Phangan, Thailand

Few people know that Koh Phangan beach is one of the greatest pride of Thailand. Its shape like a unique crescent moon with white sand and shady green coconut trees. Therefore, this place is always in the Top of the most beautiful islands in Thailand in particular and ranks in the top best beaches in Southeast Asia in general. Not only that, but this beach is also famous for many of the world's most jubilant banquets, as well as being "honored" to welcome many Hollywood stars to relax or celebrate their honeymoon.

Phu Quoc, Vietnam

Phu Quoc Beach, Vietnam attracts tourists by white sand beaches, clear seawater intertwined with lush green forests, still retaining the primitive wild beauty. In particular, visitors here not only participate in activities such as scuba diving, enjoying delicious seafood dishes but also have the opportunity to explore the wonderful fishing villages such as Ham Ninh, Rach Vem ...

Koh Rong, Cambodia

The charm of Southeast Asia's best beach is a peaceful atmosphere that is not everywhere. However, this is a small island located on the southern coast of Cambodia and its "honor" is likened to a pearl in the middle of the sea. The best beach on the island is a long beach on the southern end of the island - an area filled with white sand and golden sunshine. Besides, hiking trips or exploring the rainforest in this island is also one of the equally interesting activities.

Bali, Indonesia

A true paradise for those who are passionate about sea travel, Bali owns beautiful coastal roads with picturesque beaches. Despite being an attractive tourist destination, visitors have no difficulty in finding their own space on the beaches here, typically Balangan. Bali is also a favorite tourist destination for enthusiasts surfing and other water sports. There are also sacred temples like Uluwatu for those who want to explore ...

Boracay, Philippines

The Philippines is famous for many of the most beautiful beaches in the world, of which tropical island Boracay is the most mentioned place. Because the best beach in Southeast Asia is not only famous for the amusement parks on the beach, but also there are many activities to explore such as sailing, scuba diving as well as discovery around the island by boat. Or you can enjoy the fresh air of the sea at Baling Hai beach - a relatively deserted beach.

Phuket, Thailand

Perhaps in Southeast Asia, Thailand is one of the most well-known countries in the field of marine tourism. In that cannot help but mention Phuket island "owns" a lot of perfect beaches. Therefore, when coming here, do not hesitate to take part in boat tours to admire the overall beauty of the island. Or immerse yourself in the blue water here by fishing or exploring scuba diving are also the most interesting things for visitors.

Langkawi, Malaysia

Located on the west coast of the Malaysian nation, Langkawi is truly a treasure. Only by walking around the island can visitors discover many of the most beautiful beaches in Southeast Asia such as Tanjung Rhu or Datai ... Therefore, when coming here, visitors should not miss the opportunity to enjoy Fresh air as well as experience exploring the beautiful scenery while comfortably swimming on the island. Besides, climbing to explore other places on the island is also a good choice ...

El Nido, Philippines

Recently, El Nido of the Philippines was "honored" to be in the Top 4 in the list of "20 most beautiful beaches in the world" by Conde Nast Travelers voted. If you want to explore nature, see limestone cliffs, enjoy turquoise water or sunbathe on white-sand beaches, this beach is the best choice for you. In particular, there are also countless activities on the sea such as kayaking or diving under the cliffs ... very wonderful and interesting.