The most attractive places to discover in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is increasingly becoming a favorite tourist destination. Based on factors such as food, attractions, tourist activities, people's friendliness, and price, Southeast Asian countries are ranked in the following order:


A country that is very expensive for solo travelers, the single-room price is too expensive. Currently, Myanmar is struggling to keep up with the flow of tourism of countries in the region. Not to mention, sometimes personal items disappear quite strangely. The ancient city of Bagan, which is recognized as an impressive cultural heritage of the world along with Angkor War temple, Cambodia and the holy place of Machu Pichu, Peru, is a place you should visit when you come to Myanmar and try the hot air balloon here.


East Timor, or Timor-Leste, has only recently been discovered as a tourist attraction. This means that you can wander from village to village like a celebrity because people have less access to tourists. Those who love diving remember the capital Dili to satisfy their passion. This country offers one of the best diving spots in the world. Fried fish or shrimp with the flavor of a mixture of spices from Piri Piri to curry is also very delicious.


There isn't much to play in Brunei except visiting a few mosques, walking around the capital (taking a few hours) and of course, visiting the monument of "1 billion barrels of oil" built to mark the milestone when Brunei exports 1 billion barrels of oil. Ambuyat dish, one of the indigenous dishes of Brunei, made from the trunk of the sago palm is also worth a try.


The world of Malaysia is very beautiful and the people are super friendly. Besides, the food is also very delicious. But the country has few national beer brands, while Carlsberg is too expensive. You can visit Borneo Island, the 3rd largest island in the world, taking a scuba diving tour is also a good suggestion so Malaysia's underwater is one of the best places in Southeast Asia.


Singapore is an interesting place to live and visit with delicious food, lively atmosphere, safe and modern environment. Many visitors also love to watch the light show at the Artificial Garden with 18 artificial supertrees. Certainly, this is a great tourist destination if you have a lot of money to shop and entertain. If not, you can dine in the outdoor eateries and order a $ 20 martini in Marina Bay Sands to see the city. Do not be surprised if the carrot cake, specialty of Singapore, do not have a piece of carrot inside.


Vietnam is a great place to travel, not only because it has the best noodle and vermicelli dishes in the world, but also because the landscape and culture of the country vary widely along the slender length. This is a paradise for those who love street food, those who are fashion followers of tailor-made clothes in Hoi An and those who love history. Running a motorbike all over the country and then being able to resell the car anytime on the journey is how a lot of tourists do in Vietnam. And Phong Nha-Ke Bang, where farmers express their friendliness as tourists drive through their green rice fields, is an indispensable destination for this country.


The Philippines is a great blend of cultures from neighboring countries. Besides, you will feel a bit of Europe, Spain and American pop cultures here. The island province of Palawan is a must-visit. It is like a blue dream with lake and cave. Philippine cuisine is a creation of European cuisine is also quite interesting. But the best is adobo pork. It is a blend of garlic, vinegar, soy sauce, and meat.


Laos is a strong candidate in the ranking of tourism in Southeast Asia. Despite the curfew here at 23:00, visitors still have hundreds of things to play in the alleys of Luang Prabang or play guitar on the bamboo bridges surrounded by the most beautiful mountains in the world. People are full of creativity to have fun and it brings a miracle to this country. You should not miss Don Det, one of the country's 4000 islands, running the motor on the Bolaven plateau where each bend is a beautiful waterfall.
The large Indonesian archipelago has hundreds of things to attract visitors. Whether you like orangutans, rays, climbing, visiting temples or hot girls from Australia you can find here. What makes it so appealing is that everything is super cheap. Don't forget to climb a volcano and Tempeh, a fermented soybean paste, similar to the Japanese Tofu.


Thailand is the perfect place for you to get a tattoo that you have enjoyed until old age and the beautiful beaches. And yet, this is also a paradise of spicy, hot foods priced under 1 dollar that you should try them all. Pai town is a place to visit.